Checking how the first contact with the installers is going

Hello all,

By now , hopefully everyone has been contacted by the two installers, Eco-Green Resources or Fitzgerald Electrical.

If you have any feedback that you think would be useful to share, or any questions for the other members of this first wave, then here’s a good place !

Best regards / Colm

Bernard and colleague from EGR visited me last week and i learned:

  1. That the inventor and battery can go in the attic.
  2. That the calculated grant in my quote was too high, 2700 euro not 3000 euro for 3kW panels and 2.5 battery. That is correct but just to be aware because I see that mistake is made at more eircodes.
  3. That they do have an alternative for Jinko which in my case costs just another €250 (Jinko has some issues with forced labour incl child labour Chinese Solar Companies Tied to Use of Forced Labor - The New York Times and see Colms link) and I am researching the alternative Qcell 345W Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G8. I found it encouraging that he didn’t dismiss what i found a problem.
  4. That Bernard would like to increase my number of panels and battery, did anyone else have the same experience?
  5. I think EGR will be fast, Bernard is talking in coming week (s)
    Thanks Colm and all

Fitzgerald Electrical installed the panels today. In the end I went for 15 x 395W Hyundai panels, so 5W short of 6kw. Panels were fitted in a few hours and I found Fitzgeralds easy to deal with and they had no issue exploring alternative options. Just waiting for the hybrid inverter which is due in next week.

Looks good, Tom. Even better once they start producing. Thanks for the feedback.

HI all,
Richie from Fitzgerald’s came out on the 24th June and said he would send a proposal soon after, but I haven’t heard from him since. Ive tried emailing their office and sent him a few texts and calls, but no reply. Is anyone else dealing with Fitzgerald?
If so, are they being responsive?

  • David

Hello David,
I’ve gotten in touch with Richie to see what’s going on. I’ll let you know the story. Any feedback from anyone else ?


Thanks Colm. They have just sent me a mail with some options.

Inverter and battery is now operational. This is the k-star inverter and 5kw battery.

The system has been in operation just over a month and so far am quite pleased with its performance. I am spilling a lot back into the grid. I will wait to see how it performs over the winter before making a decision on adding another 5kwh battery.

4k of a 6 k install along with a 5 k battery by Fitrzgearld now in place.
The balance of the panels will be in place in two weeks.

All is good so far.


Good stuff. Already producing or waiting for the full 6kW ?