Satellite Weather Forecast for PV Installations

As a recent spectator for the webinars I was very please at the helpful info.
I am including a link which I hope may prove helpful to anyone thinking of installing PV.
This website allows ppl to get a good estimate of solar output for the following 3 days. You can put in values for your intended installation at Solcast API Toolkit
Some people may decide to reduce the install costs by doing work themselves.
I am mainly interested in water heating only using a “Diverter”. I will not need an Inverter which greatly reduces the cost to me. I hope this will be helpful.

Thanks Daniel,
Do you intend to use some form of MPPT control on the panels for the water heater.

Just curious if you have considered this since you won’t be using an inverter


That’s right Tom. I have to decide how many panels, what size MPPT, and what size immersion heater and the size of insulated tank. I was considering a Sunamp “Heat Battery” but the weight and cost don’t make sense to me. I live in a rural area and I am concerned that “spikes” on the mains during lightning, and switch offs and ons from Electric Ireland Network Crews could damage an inverter. I would like to install myself when I have all the facts and costs sorted out. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: